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How to Wash Silk and Satin Pillowcases?

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We have been hearing more and more from our happy clients that they have bought expensive silk pillowcases in the past spending nearly $80-$100 on 1 silk pillowcase only to have it ruined after one wash. 'I totally destroyed my silk pillowcase when I put it in the dryer,' one customer told us last week. 'It lost its shape and I had to throw my silk pillowcase away,' said another frustrated.


Silk pillowcases are also made from silk worms and not Vegan. Our satin pillowcases (pure polyester) are synthetic meaning they are not made from worms or animals and are 100% vegan. More about why Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases are vegan here.

***We have a solution. Savvy Sleepers. Our satin pillowcases are Machine Washable. Machine Wash Cold // Tumble Dry Low

Silk pillowcases should be handwashed and often those that say they are machine washable can be destroyed if put in the dryer. We've all had a roommate or partner who has destroyed our clothes or items accidentally washing them wrong. Don't let this happen to you.


This is exactly why our team at Savvy Sleepers developed our high-end luxurious satin which is not only heavier in weight that most cheap satin and silk fabrics you will find online and in stores. Savvy Sleepers are machine-washable meaning you will not have to feel guilty or upset with your purchase. Our satin is soothing for skin and hair and we guarantee our pillowcases. We want you to sleep your best and help prevent pesky pillow lines that can lead to wrinkles and protect your hair from breakage that can be caused by cotton pillowcases.

Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases
fibres - 100% polyester (high-weight blend)
*Bonus Secret Pocket
Available in Standard Size, King Size, Travel Size and Euro Size




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