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Satin Scrunchies Can Upgrade Your Hair and Prevent Breakage

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We LOVE the 90s and our New! Savvy Scrunchies are the perfect summer accessory and so hot, a pink Fendi Scrunchie was even seen on the red carpet at the Academy Awards last month. Here's what you need to know about our satin scrunchies that are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes.


Meet 'Savvy Scrunchies' Our Limited Edition Scrunchies Ultra-Smooth for Hair -
This 90s Trend is back. Protect your hair from breakage with our ultra-smooth pure satin, the same Savvy Satin blend, we use for our classic vegan anti-aging satin pillowcase collection which are anti-aging for hair, skin and lashes. Sold Individually in Nappuccino & Vintage Rosé shades.
We've carefully designed this Limited Edition Scrunchie nearly a year so it's the ideal custom width to help prevent creases and hair breakage. The Summer of 2018 is totally 90s in our fun, oversized ultra-soft satin. Perfect for any hairstyle or up in a high bun as you wash your face, shower or before sleeping nightly. Prevent hair creases and breakage that can be caused by traditional hairties.
Beauty Benefits:
anti-aging (and FUN) for hair
- ultra-smooth protecting salon blowouts and reducing pesky ponytail creases
- prevents hair breakage compared to many traditional hair ties
- hypoallergenic & vegan
- embroidered with 'Savvy' logo
- satisfaction guaranteed. #SleepBetter
- trendy 90s must-have with a luxe twist
- sold individually
Our Quality:
- luxe highest-grade satin (our hand-picked 100% pure polyester blend)
- 5-star quality stitching
- machine washable (machine was cold - air dry) to prevent strap inside from wear
- unisex matte finish (not overly shiny like low quality satin blends)

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  • emily wong: January 17, 2021

    hi,this is Emily wong from honda textile company .

    now we have ready fabric for the satin pillowcase and scrunchies ,do you have plan to purchas e?

    we are the supplier of kitsch .

    sample can be send if needed!

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