If the Volvo Wedding Commercial Totally Confused You Too, Read This!

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Does the #VolvoWedding commercial bug you? We've seen it SOO many times and have so many questions. Questions, questions, questions...

Why is the man with the beard in the back seat?

Is the woman in front his wife?

Are they driving to their daughter or son's wedding or is the wedding already over?

Are they happy or unhappily married?

What is that song? Now it's stuck in my head.

Who knew a car commercial could drum up so many frustrating questions? The tagline of the commercial is 'Our Idea of Luxury.'

Speaking of luxury. We sell anti-aging satin pillowcases that are ultra-smooth for hair & skin - and in the spirit of wedding season - they make gorgeous gifts for brides, bridesmaids and shower gifts. Especially our White Russian below.

Back to the commercial and the people in that Volvo who have us confused, curious and maybe a little annoyed. There is a full version and we found the Youtube video and posted it below.

First, the ad was released around Father's Day which makes sense why it's so focused around the father. Turns out, he is thinking about his wedding speech at his daughter's wedding and we don't want to spoil the whole story.

What is the car exactly?

It's Volvo's new 2016 XC90. Luxurious and a 7-seater.

What is the Song?

That soft annoyingly catchy tune as a family drives their luxurious Volvo SUV on a scenic drive is by Sharon Van Etten and called 'Every Time the Sun Comes Up.' See the official video on youtube here.

Why is the Dad in the Back Seat?

What is the FULL story?

If you want to see the Extended Version of the Volvo Commercial (it's only 3 minutes, but feels about 45), watch it below as it shows the son-in-law and wife driving with the father as well:



Slumber party question for you. Are there any other commercials that make you so curious or annoyed?




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