Meet Clinton Terrell - The Dallas Stylist Your Hair Needs to Know!

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With winter approaching (already feeling like it's here in Dallas), have you found yourself snapping selfies and noticing your hair has split ends, damage, or simply in need of highlights or change before your lineup of glam holiday events? It's time to introduce you to Clinton Terrell. 

Clint Terrell is an Aveda Trained Hair Stylist and has been in the industry 11 years. After nearly half a decade at the Dallas hair hotspot Chad Rookstool, you can find Clint at THE LOFT at Osgood Oneil Salon located at 4320 Lovers Ln, Dallas Texas. You can see just a few of Clint's clients and his work in the post below and see more of his portfolio on Instagram @ClintonTerrellHair

If you've had trouble in the past trusting a stylist to truly care for your hair, Clint will have you leaving the salon in amazement with a movie-star quality blow out. He takes an approach to hair at a level of deep caring, and conditioning, to repair (if your locks need it), lift and keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

We had the chance to sit down for a Q&A with Clint below and sharing a few of the gorgeous locks he's had the chance to color, cut and blow out below. Clint is considered a 'Generalist' in the hair care world which is a huge bonus for busy Dallasites. Consider Clint at The LOFT a one-stop-shop for color, cuts and blow outs.
Q. What sets you apart from other stylists - especially in Dallas?
A. 'Integrity is my number 1 priority and my attention to detail is at the highest level. I am not going to do anything to damage hair. If someone asks me to do something that is just not possible for her hair texture or color, I'm going to be very honest and not compromise destroying her hair.'
*If you've had a disaster at another salon, Clint has been there to start the process of caring and repairing damaged hair. 

Q. The weather in Dallas can get crazy, do you have any recommendations to help keep hair healthy and vibrant? 
A. 'Dallas weather fluctuates so much, whether it's 110 or 32, it's sucking the moisture out of your hair. Make sure your hair has a good moisturizer.' 

Q. Moisture! Got it, any product suggestions you'd recommend? 
A. 'I recommend to have a couple in your arsenal I love. Make sure you have a good heat protectant and one of my faves is Oribe Royal Blowout. For a hair moisturizer, go with Oribe Supershine Moisture and Shine Cream.'

Q. We know you get booked in advance, how can a new client get an appointment with you?
A. The best way to book is via my Instagram @ClintonTerrellHair
PS - If you book with Clint, he is offering 25% off his full services on your first service. Just use code 'SavvySleepers25%' at checkout, or mention it when you first visit Clint. Get ready to be amazed and don't forget to protect your hair nightly on our luxe satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes.

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