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Why our Anti-Breakage Savvy Scrunchies are a Gym Bag Must-Have in 2020!

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Gulp, did you see the commotion that Peloton holiday commercial caused over the holidays? What were your thoughts? Would you be excited or insulted if your significant other gifted you an exercise related gift?
Whether you're already hitting the gym or still contemplating 2020 NYE resolutions, we wanted to share a gym bag must-have if you don't have one already. Actually it might be on your wrist or in your hair and never make it to your gym bag. It's our pure satin (and vegan) anti-breakage Savvy Scrunchies!


Our anti-breakage Savvy Scrunchies are ideal for yoga or spin class. Our ultra-smooth satin helps protect hair from breakage and the unique size of our Scrunchies means you can have your hair up in a high pony or low bun in no time wrapping it around once or twice.
They are available in Vintage Rosé, Nappuccino, White Russian and Black Truffle ideal for the gym bag.

They make a fashionable arm accessory and perfect to throw your hair up during any work out available for $12 on
*They are also machine-washable so you don't have to worry if it gets extra sweaty during spin class. Did you know our satin pillowcases and Scrunchies are also Vegan?
 Our satin pillowcases have also featured by Allure, Vegan beauty bloggers and in the Popsugar beauty box. Each satin pillowcase has a secret pocket for hair ties, love notes or a sweet surprise. Shop our full collection of satin pillowcases below.
 Happy New Year! Cheers to healthy, happy hair. 

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