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Quarantine Book Club! Jessica Simpson's New Memoir 'Open Book'

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Jessica Simpson's new memoir came out at the perfect time during quarantine when you need a 30 minute daily escape. She spills secrets of her life as a popstar, mom and owner of a billion-dollar fashion empire. Her issues and insecurities are surprisingly relatable at some level. Our founder, Dale Janée, cuddled her 4-month old-baby girl, Henrietta, earlier this month while soaking in the memoir. Outfits are loungewear these days and the daily hairstyle is typically a simple mom-bun in our anti-breakage Pinot Greige Savvy Scrunchie.

Bookreading style at home! Our Savvy Scrunchies are 100% pure satin (the same satin as our anti-aging satin pillowcases) and help prevent hair breakage. They are especially gentle on those few weeks of postpartum hair loss which our founder is going through now - not too mention major roots. 


So how is the book? It's not too deep, not too shallow. It's a sugary-sweet balance as Jessica recaps ditzy moments and intense love affairs with her first husband, Nick Lachey, and shares more detail than we expected on her longtime dark romance with John Mayer. More surprising and revealing, was her openness to share about insecurities and abuse she experienced as a child which led her down a dangerous path with alcohol. 

In one excerpt, Jessica explains that she would drink before songwriting sessions.
 'and during, and then after to recover. The alcohol helped me go to the painful place, but then it started to hold me back. When I sang, it wasn't the same as when I was younger.' We respect her honesty and willingness to share her story including how she came from humble beginnings growing up in North Texas until she became a star in Los Angeles. We loved all the references to Dallas, as our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase headquarters has been based in Dallas, TX the past 4 years. 
Jessica reveals secrets from her childhood, what it felt like to compete against Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilara for the Mickey Mouse Club as kid. She also shares about her crushes and interactions with Justin Timberlake and and Ryan Gosling. She is extremely candid and honest about her love for her first husband, Nick Lachey, and is truthful with sharing why the marriage broke apart. Basically, if you are a fan or ever were of any of these teen popstars, you will like this book. It's 408 pages in case you were wondering. 
Jessica and Nick's wedding photos. Pic via

One chapter that was definitely entertaining and relatable was her chapter called 'Death by Mom Jeans' where Jessica talked about a performance at a Chili cookout in Florida where she wore a tight black tank top, high-waisted jeans and a leopard print belt and the pain she felt after her body and weight was intensely scrutinized. Surprisingly, she also wrote in detail about her reliance on weight loss pills and intense dieting and exercise.

As I glided back and forth with my 4-month-old daughter who had just had her vaccinations earlier that day, reading this book was a perfect escape from the reality of this strange world we're living now. 
On a side note, as I prepped my daughter to get her vaccinations at the doctor's office earlier that AM, her Pediatrican mentioned there has been a complete drop off of appointments due to COVID. Parents are not bringing their kids for routine appointments and vaccinations. I wore a mask and took just my daughter in with her carseat covered. I want to encourage parents to call your doctor ahead of time if you're worried or want to know the new office protocol and keep those important appointments for your child or baby. 

Have you read Jessica Simpsons new memoir? What did you think? If you want to read it, we'll share our buying tip below, plus don't forget to read nightly on our luxe satin pillowcases for hair, skin and lashes. Shop the full collection below.


*If you want to buy Jessica Simpson's new book, we recommend skipping Amazon to order books. We've seen more book scams lately and had it happen to us. Barnes and Noble and many local book stores are offering curbside pick up. Although it's slightly annoying and less convenient than Amazon, it's worth trying to keep them in business to have a bookstore in the neighborhood. 

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