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Aloe Alert! We Are Obsessed with this Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer

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It's time for our Savvy Find of the Week!
Going to the Dr. is never fun, especially to the Pediatrician's office with your 2-year-old who starts screaming just walking in the door. No toy box or rack of Disney books was going to help. But as we were patiently waiting for the Dr. to visit; I noticed a hand sanitizer and tried it. Wow! Medical grade sanitizer is no joke! I instantly noticed the luxe feeling on my skin. My hands felt moisturized instead of that dry sensation and rubbing alcohol scent. I also loved that it didn't dry out my Fake Bake tanner I'd applied the night before.
It was soothing and had a fresh aloe scent. I'm a big fan of aloe and have actually received emails over the years if our Savvy Sleepers anti-aging satin pillowcases are infused with aloe?


The answer is 'no,' but Savvy Sleepers are ultra-smooth with a matte finish like our White Russian satin pillowcase above. Savvy Sleepers tend to feel so soothing against sensitive skin compared to cotton pillowcases while protecting hair and lashes from breakage, we see why people might think that. Anyway, back to that medical strength sanitizer with aloe. What was in this and where could I buy it?

Where Can You buy this?

I read quickly on the back that it's made in the USA and distributed by McKesson. I went to its website and it appears they only offer it to medical offices and hospitals, but I'm still contacting their customer service just to check. I'll update the blog here when I find out. I noticed in the restroom the same brand makes a hand soap that has the same aloe feel and scent.I could have stuck around and washed my hands a few dozen times, of course my 2-year-old was more than ready to hit the road.

Have you ever seen this brand of Premium Hand Sanitizer sold anywhere? If so, please share. (Sorry for the close-up on my chipped yellow sunshine manicure).
You can also shop our line of luxe satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes while you sleep. Dermatologists and top hair stylists recommend sleeping on satin nightly to protect hair from additional hair breakage and skin from creases that can lead to wrinkles over time.

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