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What to Do if You Ruined Your Silk Pillowcase? Live With it or Replace It?

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Silk is very temperamental. Maybe you found this out the hard way after your silk pillowcase was accidentally washed in water too hot or  It can be destroyed after just one wash. If you're home with your kids or partner, you may notice laundry day turned into laundry every day.

If you're taking turns doing laundry or if someone accidentally washes your silk pillowcase in the wrong temperature, it can be ruined. A major bummer. This is why we highly recommend our durable and premium satin pillowcases. Established in 2012, Savvy Sleepers offers high quality satin pillowcases with a bonus secret pocket. Best of all, they are long lasting - we have been consistently included in articles discussing the best silk pillowcases as our premium satin is so smooth with the same beauty benefits, it's often confused with silk. To read more about why our satin pillowcases are Vegan, click here.

After we've been told repeatedly at our events throughout the last year from new customers saying via email writing,

'My expensive silk pillowcase started fraying after a couple washes' or this email last week. 

'Fell out of love with my SlipSilk pillowcase. Can’t wait to try your product.'

During these times especially, we're washing our hands, clothes and bedding more than ever during COVID-19. Having a machine-washable (easy care) pillowcase is a huge bonus when you're looking to enhance your beauty sleep. 
Our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase collection were vote Most Durable by Women's Health last year and hold up well in the wash. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you're looking for a soothing satin pillowcase ultra-smooth for your hair, skin and lashes, we invite you to check out our collection. FREE Domestic shipping on all orders. Welcome to the Slumber Party. 

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