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  • Pinot Greige 12x16" Travel Set
  • Pinot Greige 12x16" Travel Set
  • Pinot Greige 12x16" Travel Set
  • Pinot Greige 12x16" Travel Set


Pinot Greige 12x16" Travel Set

$105.00 $125.00

Luxe Pinot Greige Travel Set


Pinot Greige Travel Set!

Gift the jetsetter in your life, or treat yourself! Savvy Sleepers introduces its new Pinot Greige Travel Size 12x16" Anti-aging pillowcase + Luxe Travel Pillow. Gift the Luxe Travel Set or the Ultimate Luxe Travel Set which includes more! *Please allow 7 business days for Pillow orders to ship as they are made custom in Dallas, TX. 

Luxe Pinot Greige Travel Set Includes:

1 Pinot Greige Travel Size 12x16" Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase

1 Travel Size Luxe Pillow 

1 Limited edition dust-bag (machine washable) to protect pillow during travel

1 Bonus Standard Size Pinot Greige 20x30" Satin Pillowcase 


Ultimate Pinot Greige Travel Set Includes:

All of the above +

1 Pinot Greige Savvy Scrunchie 

1 Joanna Czech X Savvy Sleepers Pure Silk Eyemask 


Satin Pillowcase Beauty Benefits:

anti-aging for hair, skin & eyelashes

- protects salon blowouts & eyelash extensions
- gentle for skin while preventing facial creases as you sleep
- prevents hair breakage compared to harsh cotton pillow cases
- recommended by top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and hair stylists
- 'Like a Nightly Spa Treatment for hair & skin.'
-Fits most travel size pillowcases
- satisfaction guaranteed. #SleepBetter
-highest quality pure polyester 

About the 12x16" Travel Size Pillow:

The most comfortable, luxurious pillow for travel! Made of a unique down alternative fill - this pillow is easy to pack and carry through airports. The 12x16" pillow is hypoallergenic and Includes a washable, 300 thread count cotton sateen zippered protector making your travel pillow. 


100% Pure Silk Eyemask by Joanna Czech X Savvy Sleepers

Your beauty sleep taken to a whole new level! Joanna Czech and Savvy Sleepers come together to bring you this luxe eyemask using the highest-quality 22 momme pure silk fibres with hand stitched detailing. It's ultra-smooth design rests comfortably upon your face to protect delicate facial skin and helps with a more restful night's sleep.

* Hand wash cold water only

*1 Unisex Size

1 Shade Special Edition - Charcoal


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