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What Color Pillowcase Should You Take on Vacation?

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Do you travel with your own pillow or pillowcase? We have received a steady flow of emails since launching Savvy Sleepers in 2012 from loyal customers who lost their pillowcase and need to replace it because they can't go a night without sleeping on our hair and skin saving premium satin.
So naturally they want to travel with them on vacation to hotels or Airbnbs and then once they pack up and make it home realize they left it at the hotel. We highly recommend taking a bold shade to ensure it stands out on your hotel or rental bed and doesn't camouflage in the sea of white linens so commonly found at hotels.
White Russian is our most popular selling shade, but for travel it can often get left behind at hotels and Airbnbs blending in with the rental's linen collection.

Our top pick this summer is our newest shade, Royal Teal. Not only is it a rich shade, it's forgiving if you forget to take your makeup off the night before. The luxe satin pillowcase with the secret pocket will stand out so when you're scanning the room packing, you won't forget it.

Travel safe this summer and if you need other items for your vacay, Savvy Sleepers also carries Travel Size Satin Pillowcases with the bonus secret pocket available in White Russian, Vintage Rosé and Pinot Greige. Savvy Scrunchies are the easiest accessory to rock on your arm or keep in the hotel to toss your hair in a loose bun while our satin is ultra-smooth to help protect your hair from breakage compared to cotton scrunchies. Safe Travels. Shop the full collection of Savvy Sleepers vegan satin pillowcases here

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