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These Vegan Savvy Scrunchies are a Must-Have Stocking Stuffer

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How popular are Scrunchies these days!? From velvet, cotton, silk and our premium satin, Scrunchies are everywhere. We've even discussed Supersize XXL fashion scrunchies in the past. While we might be known for our luxe anti-aging satin pillowcases. Our Savvy Scrunchies are made with our same premium satin and are ultra-smooth for hair preventing creases that can lead to damage and split ends. Our satin Savvy Scrunchies are also an exact match to our pillowcase collection like some of our most popular including Vintage Rose and Pinot Greige below. Click on the pillowcases to shop your favorite.
Click on the Scrunchies to shop our collection below. We even have White Satin Scrunchies embroidered with our Savvy logo and 'Bride' for a special bride-to-be you may know. Pair with our most popular White Russian Satin Pillowcase for an ultimate surprise gift. 
PS - Did you know our satin is 100% Vegan as it's not made from silk worms. Learn more about our vegan satin pillowcases and vegan satin scrunchies by clicking the pillowcase below. xo

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